Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Sermon on the Mount: a Radical Decision

Have you ever been in a group of people who didn't want to make a decision? For example, three couples are walking out of church together and someone says, "Let's go get lunch." All agree, but no one wants to decide where they should eat. No one wants to seem pushy and demand their own choice. No one wants to take responsibility for recommending a restaurant that the others may not like. So ultimately, they all give up and go home without lunch.

Maybe your indecisive situations haven't gone that far...ultimately, SOMEONE chooses where to eat (after all, our gluttony usually outweighs our wishy-washiness). But in the spiritual life, this phenomenon is played out continually. The Bible is not a list of wonderful, winsome spiritual truths laid out simply for us to ponder and marvel at their profundity. It is a book that demands a decision. When people choose not to decide, they have in fact made a decision about Christ--the wrong one.

As we read the final words of the Sermon on the Mount, we see that Jesus is not content merely to share His wonderful words of truth with us. He wants us to decide. We'll wrestle with that decision and all its implications this Sunday as we study Matthew 7:13-27.

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