Thursday, October 16, 2008

McNamara Update--October 16

Our ministry at McNamara Elementary is off to a great start! Just after Hurricane Ike, we were able to help a teacher and a volunteer at the school who had sustained substantial property loss with funds from our Benevolence account. This is in addition to the earlier help we gave to the school in purchasing uniforms for children from our Missions fund.

But I'm glad to say that our assistance will be more than financial. The last week of October is McNamara's 50th anniversary, and the school asked us for 10 volunteers to read to the children that week. When I put out the call on my email list, I got all ten in under 24 hours. They also needed 20 volunteers for a Fall Fun Fair fundraiser they're holding November 1. Again, our church responded quickly. We look forward to serving in this way.

Finally, I am so excited about the response of our church to mentoring opportunities on the McNamara campus. Forty of our members have indicated an interest in spending an hour a week with students at the school, investing in their lives. For those forty, plus anyone else who is interested in learning more, we will be holding a Mentor Orientation on Saturday, October 25 at 10 AM in room C-109. Fran Moore and Judy Richardson will be leading this event.

Many other church members have indicated a willingness to help out with work days and other projects like the beautification event we held in August. There will be more such opportunities, and I will let you know when we get them scheduled. In the meantime, I can't say enough about the heart of this church. I know God has great plans for us, and I know they will be done if we have this kind of enthusiasm about His work!

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