Monday, March 17, 2008

Easter is upon us!

As followers of Jesus, this week is the high point of our year. I wanted to encourage each of you to make the most of it. Pray that God would draw you closer to Him this week as you remember the last week of our Lord’s earthly life. Spend some extra time in prayer and in study of His word. If you can get away for a time of private solitude and spiritual reflection, this is a great week to do it. And of course, look for opportunities to invite someone to our Easter service this week.

As you hopefully know by now, we will be meeting at Johnston Middle School this Sunday. There’s no Sunday School this week, and the worship begins at 11. Childcare is available at our church campus for kids birth through 3. Please call the church office to let us know if you will need to leave your kids with us.

Parking should be fine if we all work together. If your family ordinarily brings more than one car to church (like mine), please try to consolidate. Some of you might even consider meeting at WBC and carpooling to Johnston together. If you can, please park on the street near the school (You can park on either side of Wigton or Manhattan) and leave the school parking lot for guests, the elderly, and those with mobility issues.

It should be a great worship time. We have already seen (in our time in the gym) how refreshing it is to get out of our comfort zone and work together in doing something different. This Sunday should be even better! Please keep this service in your prayers, especially for the worship leaders, sound team, ushers, children’s workers, and the many others who will be working hard this Sunday.

I can’t wait to see you there!

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