Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who are you rooting for?

Just to mix things up a bit, who are you rooting for in the NFL playoffs? Personally, I'm hoping the Colts win the AFC again. Tony Dungy may be my favorite person in all of sports, so it would be sweet to see him go to back-to-back Super Bowls.

On the NFC side, a part of me would love for Brett Favre and his Packers to go to the Super Bowl one more time. But the Cowboys have always been my second-favorite team (behind the Plus, their Coach Wade Phillips is a Cougar, like me.

So I'm rooting for the Colts and Cowboys.

How 'bout you?


Red said...

I can't believe I am the first comment!! How exciting! I am rooting for decent half-time entertainment! Linda Sanders

Dane Isenhower said...

Cowboys and Colts with Cowboys winning it all!

david dennard said...

I'm pulling for Green Bay and Brett Favre - old guys rule. I've liked them ever since Bart Starr was the quarterback and Vince Lombardi was the coach.

Dane Isenhower said...

It was a bad day yesterday (Sun., 01-13-08) to be a team with the initials "C" - both the Colts and Cowboys lost - the two main teams I was rooting for!

Jeff Berger said...

Me too, Dane. Guess now I'll have to root for the Packers.

Linda, I read where the halftime entertainer is Tom Petty. At least we won't have to worry about any "wardrobe malfunctions."