Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jesus and the Outcast

There are some people in this world who just don't seem to fit. They lack the social skills to endear themselves to any particular group, so they just drift through life, alternately irritating and being ignored by everyone with whom they come in contact. Yet the doctrine of grace tells me that God not only has a place for these people, He actually has a favored place for them...and how we respond to them is going to be a matter for which we will someday have to answer (read Luke 14:12-14).

Sunday, January 27 in our ongoing series looking at how Jesus responded to different types of unbelievers, we'll study John 4, in which Jesus meets a woman who is very much an outcast.

Remember, it's our first Sunday out of the worship building. It should be interesting to experience worship in a different environment...and exciting to see what awaits us when this process is complete!


martha said...

I am sure each of us has met (or knows) someone like you described. And yet, we have also at least one time (for me many more!) been the person who didn't fit in, said the wrong thing, etc...a person in need of grace. We can take the special grace given by God and let that be the way we relate to the conduit of grace, not the reservoir (did I spell that right?)

Jeff Berger said...

Martha, your spelling looks fine to me. And if it's not, that's what grace is for.

Dane Isenhower said...

As a petroleum engineering graduate of The University of Texas, "reservoir" is spelled correctly!

Chris said...

I am trying this for the first time and it was easier than i thought signing up so you guys reading these thinking that its hard, its not, do it its fun. Anyway I dont have a comment on the sermon, even though it was great as usual, my comment was i really enjoyed the time in the gym. It really was neat. I was somewhat apprehensive about being unable to hear, being uncomfortable, but actually, it was just a lot of fun. (even if there were four sections, instead of three and i didnt know where to sit) Anyway, I cant wait to see the new sanctuary, but i also cant wait to get back to the gym next week.

Dane, I didnt know you were an engineer!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Uhg! Make that "exceptions."

Sorry about that!