Thursday, January 10, 2008

Seeing People Through Jesus' Eyes

If we really followed Jesus, one thing that would be markedly different about us is the way we relate to people--especially those who aren't Christians. The Gospels record numerous stories of Jesus' encounters with a variety of unbelievers: Spiritual seekers and cynical skeptics; unrepentant sinners and people desperate for forgiveness...even people who were considered irredeemable by society. Between now and Easter, we will take a close look at many of these encounters, with an eye on how we should relate to similar people in our lives. But before we can discuss specifics, we must take a general look at how Jesus saw unbelievers. We must strip off the scales of our religion-blinded eyes and start to see them through His eyes. That will be the topic for the message Sunday morning, from Matthew 9:35-38.

Sunday night, we'll have a special event. I'll give you an overview of Bill Hybel's book Becoming a Contagious Christian. Let me assure you, this is not your typical evangelism fact, you might say it's evangelism for people who don't like evangelism. We'll meet in C109 at 5:00.


david dennard said...

Angie and I are going to be out of town on Sunday night. Any chance this will be recorded and posted on the web?

Jeff Berger said...

I'll see about it. Have a nice trip.