Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Radical Experiment

In 2012, Westbury Baptist Church is taking THE RADICAL EXPERIMENT

For one year, we will commit to:

1. Read through the Entire Word.

We will read through the Bible chronologically. Each week, an insert in your bulletin will give you the passages to be read for each day. Devotionals written by WBC members will be used in Bible Study classes, and a sermon each Sunday will get us ready for the next week’s readings.

2. Pray for the Entire World.

That same weekly bulletin insert will give you a nation to pray for each day. More information on each country can be found on the Operation World website.

3. Commit Our Lives to Multiplying Community.

In 2012, we will help all of our members find a small group Bible study that will become their spiritual family.

4. Sacrifice Our Money for a Specific Purpose.

For those who don’t give financially, we’re challenging them to start. For those who give occasionally, we’re challenging them to begin giving on a percentage basis. For those who tithe, we’re challenging them to make sacrifices to give over and above 10%.

5. Give Our Time Ministering in Another Context.

We will spend at least 2% of our year (one week) ministering to people outside our normal path—locally, domestically or internationally.

For more information, see

Our hope and prayer is that as we seek to know God and serve His Kingdom like never before, we will ourselves be transformed! Pray about taking the Radical Experiment with us. Call the church office or email a staff member to commit to these five challenges for 2012.

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