Saturday, December 31, 2011

Keys to reading through the Bible

Many of you are getting ready to read through the entire Bible in 2012. For many, this will be the first time you've ever attempted such a feat. I started reading through the Scriptures every year when I was preparing to become a pastor, and I wanted to share a few tips that may help you:

Keys to reading through the Bible:

1. Set a specific time for reading: When you first get up, at lunch time, in the evening, or whenever your mind is most focused and alert. Give yourself 15 dedicated minutes

2. Set a specific place that where you can be alone.

3. Before you start, pray for God to reveal Himself to you through His Word. That’s what the Holy Spirit does!

4. When you have questions, write them down. Set a time to discuss them with a trusted Christian friend. When you learn something new, write it down. If God speaks and reveals some way He wants you to change, make that your mission until you have accomplished it.

5. If you get a few days behind, catch up slowly by reading an extra chapter a day. If you get a week or more behind, DON’T QUIT! Just start fresh on that day’s passage. Better to miss a week’s reading than to get discouraged and quit reading altogether.

Keep this up for the first month. That’s how long it takes to make a habit.


Doug Anders said...

Im in and ready to go. I like the idea of the blog as we will all be on the same passage every day and can post respective comments.

Jeff Berger said...

I'll look forward to your comments!

Doug said...

Don't recall that God clothed them before booting them out. Didn't get to the part where God told the Mayans the end date. Maybe will find it later!

Jeff Berger said...

Hey Doug, someone pointed out that the Mayans can't be right, because Marty McFly went to 2015 in Back to the Future 2!

Doug Anders said...

Job 7:14 I found it interesting that Job said he was terrified with dreams and visions. Knowing that God allowed Satan to do many things, I wonder what those consisted of.