Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quick Guide to the Radical Experiment

In 2012, we are challenging members of Westbury Baptist to take five challenges to grow closer to God than ever before. Here's a quick guide to making the Radical Experiment reality in your life...starting January 1.

Challenge #1: Read the Entire Word.

--We will hand out copies of a Chronological Reading Plan. Sunday sermons and devotionals in your Bible Study departments will go along with each week’s reading.

--Each week’s Scriptures will also be in the Sunday bulletins, and there will be a link to the reading plan on our website. Click here for a link to the entire plan.

Challenge #2: Pray for the Entire World.

--We will hand out copies of a yearly prayer calendar from the Operation World website. Each week’s prayer schedule will also be in the Sunday bulletin, and a link to the entire calendar will be on our website. Click here for the link.

--For each nation or region, pray that the Gospel will advance. Pray for Christians and missionaries to boldly represent Christ. If you know of specific issues in that nation or region, lift them up to God in prayer as well. Pray for justice, righteousness, freedom and peace.

--If you want, you can order the Operation World book from the website (www.operationworld.org) or from a Christian bookstore. It contains prayer information on every nation.

Challenge #3: Commit to a Multiplying Community.

--If you are part of our Sunday morning Bible Study (Sunday School) at WBC, commit to be there every Sunday this year, unless you are ill or out of town. Pray daily for your class, your department leaders, and the overall small group ministry of our church.

--If you aren’t yet part of our Bible Study, commit to finding a class this year. The church staff is here to help you find the right group.

Challenge #4: Sacrifice Financially for a Purpose.

--If you don’t currently support God’s work financially, commit to start this year.

--If you give sporadically, commit to giving regularly, as a percentage of your income (the biblical instruction is a tithe, or a tenth, of our income).

--If you currently tithe, ask yourself, “What sacrifices could I make for one year so that I could give more?”

Challenge #5: Spend Time Ministering in Another Context.

--Find a way to serve God outside of your own family and friends. This could be through volunteering at Braes Interfaith, McNamara Elementary, or some other ministry field. Or it could be through a short-term mission trip. We will publish a list of ministry opportunities early in the year, and add to the list as we hear of other opportunities.

Bonus: Read Radical; Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream, by David Platt.

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