Thursday, May 28, 2015

Biblical Manhood

Recently, I saw an interesting article online.  It was titled, “Twenty-five Skills Every Man Should Know.”  I won’t run through the entire list, but here’s an example of some of the things this author thinks real men should be able to do: Skin a dead moose, cut down a tree, give a good massage (side note: if you’re a man and you’re offering massages to any woman other than your wife, no matter what a magazine says, you’re creepy), parallel park, wire a ceiling fixture, stop a running toilet, make pancakes from scratch, carve a turkey, and comfort a crying woman.  By the way, I like the way the instructions on that one begin: “Pull out a clean handkerchief, and move toward her as if you are advancing on a wounded animal that may still be able to bite.” 

I’m beginning a new series this Sunday called Relationships in the Real World.  As followers of Christ, we should live in a way that’s distinct from the rest of the world.  That includes the way we treat children and adults, people at work, people who don’t believe like we do, and people of other faiths.  And it should govern the way we treat the opposite sex, as well.  This Sunday, we’ll be talking about biblical manhood, specifically how Scripture says a man is to treat a woman.  This isn’t just young men or old men, it isn’t just married men.  It’s all men.  And if you’re a woman, I hope this message will be instructive for you, too.  Because one question we need to tackle right out of the box is “Does the Bible say men are superior to women?”  We’ll be looking at several Scriptures, and we’ll uncover three principles of biblical manhood.  

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Bob Campbell said...

Sounds interesting. I'll look forward to hearing it on the website.

Bob Campbell