Thursday, February 24, 2011

Idiots Anonymous

I admit I got a little silly with the sermon title. I do that sometimes. Truthfully, the text couldn't be more serious this week. It's Luke 12:16-21, commonly known as the Parable of the Rich Fool. Take some time to read through it before Sunday. Then think about this for a moment...

Most of us find it difficult to admit we are wrong. Pride is one of the most tenacious sins; it holds on with a death grip, and we feel like it'll tear us apart if we try to get rid of it. As hard as it is to admit fault in a careless comment or an impulsive action, it is exponentially harder to admit that we have been wrong in our thinking and decision-making over a sustained period of time. This is one reason why otherwise good and decent people in history have nonetheless participated in some unspeakable evils: Many of the Founding Fathers owned slaves, for instance. The biblical partriarchs, as well as David and Solomon, practiced polygamy. The Church in the Middle Ages initiated holy wars, inquisitions, and persecutions against the Jews that claimed thousands of lives in the name of Christ. We look back through the lens of history and wonder how they could have been so blind. Our pride leads us to believe that we would have acted differently had we lived back then. But we have our own blind spots. History and (more importantly) eternity will judge us, too. What will they see?

This parable highlights what I believe is our generation's biggest blind spot. God has been working on me in recent days regarding this shortcoming. Where He's taking me is something I can't quite determine yet...but I hope that this Sunday, He'll speak to you as well. It won't be an easy, encouraging message; more of a challenge than a pep talk. I hope you'll be there!

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Makettles said...

I didnt hear your sermon.. I dont come to your church either. However I am curious to know how it went. I like the IA title.
Although are we just idiots or plain stubborn?