Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bet Your Life

Everyone, it seems, is looking for treasure. It's why people buy lottery tickets, peruse beaches with metal detectors, and visit antique shops and flea markets. But real treasure is rare. Many lotto winners can testify that their mega millions brought them more heartache than happiness. And most of those "man finds priceless artifact at garage sale stories" turn out to be hoaxes. I read about a Texas man who found a potato-sized stone on sale for $10 at a gem show in Tucson. Recognizing it as a huge, uncut sapphire, he bought it gleefully. One appraiser told him that a sapphire of that size would be worth at least $2 million. It was big news for a while. But according to, while the story is true, it turns out the man was never able to cash in on his windfall. Buyers noticed that the sapphire had an ugly, "cloudy" appearance.

This Sunday, we'll look at two brief parables in Matthew 13:44-46, that tell us where to find the only true treasure in life. For those who say, "I believe in where is the joy?" We'll take a look at not only WHAT true treasure is, but HOW we can experience it.

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