Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Worth Waiting For

This Sunday is the first week of Advent. In the service, we'll be lighting the hope candle. Kyle and I decided to do something a little different with this service. We'll be observing the Lord's Supper, focusing on how Jesus was, is and will be the fulfillment of our highest and best hopes. Our Lord's Supper observance will be a little different, too, but you'll have to be there to see what I mean. For now, just consider these questions:

Romans 5:5 says "Hope does not disappoint." That sure isn't the experience most of us have with hope. What do you think that verse means? Do you think God's concept of hope is different from ours? If so, how?

What are the biggest disappointments you have experienced in life?

What can Jesus offer to those who are experiencing profound disappointment? What would you say to someone going through that experience right now?

Feel free to interact with these questions on the blog now, if you wish. Or come back and discuss them after you hear the message. Either way, please pray for the service this Sunday, and let's see what God does!

Here's a link to our sermon audio page, in case you'd like to listen to or read the message.


thePiks said...

What an amazing service today. Thank you to you and Kyle for putting so much thought and preparation in it. After reading your blog earlier this week, I was thinking about how we use "hope" and "wish" interchangeably. Praise God that His concept of hope is secure and without disappointment! Amanda

Jeff Berger said...

Thanks, Amanda. I'm a pretty safe, conventional guy by nature, so doing things "out of the box" is scary for me. But the feedback I've received has been very, very encouraging. I've passed the comments along to Kyle, too.

This idea of Christian hope is something I have been learning about for the past couple of years. I really do think we'd all be a lot better off if we gave some serious thought to the return of Christ at least once a day.