Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thank you!

Mrs. Bland, my English teacher my senior year of high school, took an entire class period one day to teach us how to write a proper thank you note.  At the time, we all thought the old girl had gone batty; but today, I am grateful to her for this.  When someone has done something significant for you, they deserve the courtesy of a thoughtful note of acknowledgement.

               So today, I want to write a note of thanks to you, my church family.  Mrs. Bland would not approve of me using Microsoft Word instead of pen and paper, but if you don’t tell her, I won’t either. 

               Thank you, Westbury, for your generous giving to our recent World Missions Offering.  We set a goal of $25,000 and exceeded it by several thousand!  Only the Lord Himself knows the impact this will make on a world deeply in need of Christ’s love.

               Thank you for continuing to support our McNamara fund.  Through these funds, we were able to buy a Christmas gift for every teacher and staff member on the McNamara Elementary campus.  This is in addition to the many other generous things that you do individually and as Bible study departments for the kids and families of our adopted elementary school.

               Thank you for your faith, vision and encouragement as we start our new worship schedule this month, and as we continue to implement the proposals of Westbury 20/20.  I can’t tell you this often enough.  In fact, a new member of WBC told me he was listening to the recording of our WBC 20/20 presentation on our website, and he said it gave him chills. He was excited to be joining a church that was so committed to do whatever it takes to reach new people. 

               Most of all, thank you for simply being who you are.  It is a profound privilege to serve here, and I am excited about the future!  And now, to sign off the way Mrs. Bland taught me…


               Jeff Berger

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