Thursday, March 7, 2013

Westbury 20/20

In our February business meeting, the church agreed to elect a group of church members to evaluate our current programs and ministries and propose a strategy for a healthy and effective future for WBC.  I’m thrilled to be able to work alongside this group, which I’m calling “Westbury 20/20.”  The number represents a date in the future (as in, “Where would we like to see our church in the year 2020?”), but it also signifies accurate vision.  We want to see our church and its future as accurately as possible, and I’m asking you to help us do that.  

               Right now, we’re in the process of examining our church and evaluating everything we do, as well as learning all we can about the mission field of Southwest Houston and especially about the upcoming generations.  We are seeking to answer four important questions:

·        Who are we?  In other words, what does WBC do well, and where do we need to improve?

·        Who are they?  Who are the people God has called us to reach?

·        What would it take?  If we were planting a church today right here, with our current resources, what kind of church would best reach our mission field?

·        What should we do?  How can we best close the gap between who we are and what we need to be?
I’m asking for your prayers over this process.  Sometime in the near future, I look forward to standing with the Westbury 20/20 team as we present some proposals to the church.  In the meantime, get excited about this: WBC is in its fiftieth year as a church…and I think her best years are yet to come.


Anonymous said...

Praying for what God has in store for the growth in our church. Praying that we will see more baptisms in the coming year.

Jeff Berger said...

Thank you so much for the prayers! That's exactly what we need!