Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Transfiguration

On Faith in Action Day last week, we were with a family in our church that has a small child, and this little girl was asking her mother questions.  Lots of questions.  I remembered that when my kids were that age, they asked Carrie and me questions constantly.  And the thing about a little kid is that you can rarely answer a question in a way that satisfies them.  Either they don’t understand your answer, or your answer doesn’t accord with the way they think the world ought to be, or worst of all, they know you’re bluffing and they call you on it.  Either way, they just keep on asking.  So, for instance, your child might ask, “Why do dogs and cats live in the house, but cows and pigs and chickens don’t?”  You might try to explain about how some animals are easy to domesticate and some aren’t, or you might point out that we eat cows and pigs and chickens, so it might be a little awkward to have a chicken lounging on the couch with you while you snack on his sibling, but I can guarantee that eventually, after hearing some variation of that same question again and again, you’ll finally say, “Because they just do!”  (Just like your parents used to say.)  And thinking about that, it made me think about all the questions we answer in the course of our lives.  We must answer tens of thousands of questions in a lifetime; everything from mundane questions like, “Would you like fries with that?” to huge, life-altering questions like “Will you marry me?”  And then there are the questions no one asks us out loud, but we have to deal with them internally, questions like “Who am I?  Why is my life important?  What do I want to accomplish here?  What is most important to me?”  But out of all the questions we answer, there is one that is more important than any other.  This Sunday, we're going to take a look at the story of the Transfiguration, a very mysterious event that happened in Jesus' life.  The story is found in Luke 9:28-36.  This amazing event helps us answer the most important question of life.  You'll see what that question is and, more importantly, what its answer is, this Sunday. 

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