Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reading over my shoulder

Have you ever walked past someone's desk, seen an article on their screen (or their newspaper, magazine, etc) that interested you, and found yourself reading it over their shoulder?  Some folks find that annoying.  I'm actually inviting you to do it.  Here are a few links to articles I've read recently that I found particularly interesting. 

Twitter gets religion  It seems the good folks at Twitter have found out that preachers and other religious figures get more "re-tweets" than anyone, even celebrities.  So now they're courting preachers. 

Today was supposed to be my wedding day  This is for anyone who is engaged to be married, or anyone who wants to be.  It's also a great story for the rest of us about the blessings and sacrifices of obedience to God's will. 

Twelve ways to love a wayward child  This should be required reading for every parent.  A few years ago, Abraham Piper, son of the well-known preacher John Piper, rejected his parents' faith.  His parents were baffled and distraught, as you can imagine.  He has come back home, like the Prodigal Son, and here he lists the ways that parents should respond when their kids rebel.  As a parent, I found this article very, very powerful.  

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