Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Day God Made You

It's the week after Mother's Day, but it would still be a fun experiment: If you are fortunate to have one or both of your parents still with you, ask them what they remember from the day you were born.  What sticks in their minds from that day?  What emotions did they experience?  What hopes did they have for your life?

God has blessed me with two children.  When our oldest child, Kayleigh, was born, I was so incredibly nervous: I really had no desire to be in that birthing room.  I had seen too many movies where the woman in labor is depicted as a raving monster; I wasn't sure I could handle seeing my sweet, petite wife morph into Mom-zilla.  Even more so, I was terrified that there might be some complications in the birth, or that our baby would be stillborn.  But my fears were unfounded.  Carrie handled everything with incredible courage, grace and calm.  And Kayleigh let us all know how healthy she was by screaming furiously before she was even completely delivered...that screaming continued for the first half hour of her life (a taste of things to come).  Will's birth was very different.  My mother and Carrie's oldest sister were in the room with us.  He came much faster than his sister did.  And when he emerged, he was completely limp and silent.  For a split second, I was afraid something was wrong, then he sprang to life, cleared his lungs, and introduced himself to the world.

The day you were born was a special day for God, too.  It was the end of a long process of creation, a deeply personal project for Him.  I promise you He remembers vividly the things He felt when you came into the world.  Have you ever wondered what your Heavenly Father was thinking on the day of your birth?  I know it’s impossible to pin down God’s exact thoughts, but His Word gives us some pretty strong clues.  This Sunday, we'll look at Psalm 139, and talk about three things I believe God would have said about you on the day He finished making you.  If you need some encouragement, this is a Sunday you won't want to miss.

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