Thursday, October 14, 2010

Looking Back on Faith in Action, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010, Westbury Baptist had its second annual Faith in Action Day. Here’s a brief record of the ministry we did on the day that “the church left the building.”

32 people did outside beautification work at McNamara Elementary, including spreading 6 tons (!) of rock.

16 people assembled gift baskets for the Women’s Pregnancy Center. These will be used to help expectant mothers in the midst of crisis pregnancies.

34 people served food, did laundry, and in various other ways ministered to the homeless at The Beacon. That number included 15 members of the youth group and 19 members of our College/Career Department.

7 people picked up trash at Westbury High School.

9 people picked up trash at Willow Waterhole.

11 people handed out water bottles with the church’s logo and information on them to people on the Braeswood jogging trail and a nearby supermarket.

13 people delivered welcome bags with church information to new homeowners in our community.

32 people attended a prayer meeting in our church sanctuary, where we prayed for our Faith in Action projects, for the people we would minister to that day, for our nation’s leaders and national revival, for the physical and spiritual needs of our community, and for our church’s outreach to the lost.

75 people led a worship service for senior adults at Colonial Oaks. That number included 30 adults, 17 Youth, and 28 children.

12 people cleaned, sorted merchandise, and repaired light fixtures at Braes Interfaith Ministries’ resale shop.

11 people distributed gift baskets at Memorial Hospital Southwest.

19 people repaired the home of one of a needy church member. This group worked well past lunch.

45 people worked in our kitchen, preparing lunch for FIA, taking lunch to local fire stations, and dessert to police stations.

That’s a grand total of 316 people engaged in ministry to our local community. It does not include the people who watched kids in our nursery so that their parents could participate, or the people who visited all the ministry sites so that they could photograph the event for us, or others I don’t even know about. As you look at that list, I think you can see that thousands of people—who weren’t in church on a Sunday--received a touch from the Lord. I think you can also see the many ways God can take those seeds we planted and bring them to amazing fruit. Let’s all pray for that to happen in the days to come. Thank you to everyone who participated. Once again, you’ve made me very proud to be pastor of this church!

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