Thursday, April 15, 2010

How God Speaks

Have you ever heard of the mosquito tone? It's a piercing, high-pitched noise that can only be heard by people younger than 25. No, I'm not making this up. Here's a link to a site that talks about the mosquito tone in more detail, and includes a demonstration that will allow you to try hearing it.

A Welsh security company employee invented a device that emits the mosquito tone, and marketed it to shopkeepers who wanted to discouraged teenagers from loitering outside their stores. But the teenagers got their revenge; they began downloading the mosquito tone as a cell phone ringtone. That way, they can hear their phone ring while they're in class without getting caught. There are some complicated physiological reasons why kids can hear the mosquito tone and adults can't (we'll discuss this in more detail Sunday, but it has something to do with ear hair. I'm serious). The point I want to make in all of this is that God's voice is not like the mosquito tone. It's not something only special people can hear. The Lord has made Himself available to anyone who wants to hear Him.

As we continue in our series, "Hearing God's Voice and Knowing His Will," it's important for us to know how God speaks. This Sunday, we'll look at some of the ways He spoke to people in the Bible, and what that means for us today. I hope I see (and hear) you there.

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