Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seek God and Live

I found a new website this week called It's a place for people to confess sins they've committed against friends, loved ones, co-workers and perfect strangers. It's morbidly fascinating to read some of the apologies posted on the page: a girl begs forgiveness from the boyfriend she cheated on. A woman apologizes to the anonymous collections agency employee she treated rudely. A man yearns to reconcile with the relatives he estranged himself from. Some of the "apologies" seem false, like the florist who confesses that he put sneezing powder in his customer's flowers. But most seem sincere, and they reek of sadness and regret.

As we conclude Amos this Sunday, I am happy to say that we will end this rather depressing book on a note a hope. We all carry burdens of guilt, but God is a redeemer. Even in sending a cranky old prophet like Amos, God's motive was a hope for our repentance. In this last message, based on Amos 5:4-6, we'll look at what it means to seek God and live. Our God doesn't want us to experience the pain and regret of a life badly lived. Let's talk about the life He has in mind for us.

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