Thursday, February 18, 2010

Amos: Moo of Destruction

Last week, we began our series from the book of Amos. Several of you told me that, yes indeed-y, that was the first sermon you had ever heard from that book. This week, we'll take a look at Amos 4:1-3, in a sermon I titled "Moo of Destruction." Yes, I got a little goofy with that title, but it could've been worse: Originally, it was "A Cow-tastrophe at Hamburger Hill." If you're wondering what's up with the bovine theme, Amos in our text criticizes a group of women he calls "cows of Bashan." We'll talk more about what that means, but he's not critiquing their appearance or weight. Instead, it's about their insatiable appetite for consumption. Or to put it in plain terms, the selfish, materialistic attitudes of the jet-set. You may think this is an odd time to preach on such a subject, when the economy isn't exactly booming, but the love of money doesn't discriminate based on net worth. Are you and I infected with the same "affluenza?" We'll examine the symptoms--and more importantly, the cure--this Sunday.


Anonymous said...

'Enjoyed the first Amos sermon and hope everyone will come for the Amos series.

We look forward to hearing about the affluenza "pork". But "frank"ly, I am a little "chicken" to tell you that the word is "ham-Berger".
There is a lot at "steak" here, and it should be a "Grade A" sermon.

Keep up the great work,

Jeff Berger said...

Thanks, Kay...well done! Hope yesterday's sermon didn't leave you saying "Where's the beef?" :)

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