Tuesday, November 24, 2009

God So Loved the World

Our theme for this Advent season, beginning November 29, will be "God So Loved the World." We will be hearing and singing some songs that come to us from other parts of the world to remind us that God's love stretches all the way around this planet of ours (Don't worry, we'll sing your favorite carols, too). In my preaching, I will be taking a look at John 3:16, the most famous verse in the Bible.

This week, we'll look at that first phrase: "For God so loved..." No other world religion teaches a personal God who loves people. Yet the God who made you loves you more than you can ever comprehend...enough to make the ultimate sacrifice just to spend eternity with you. If that's true--and we know it is--then God's love is the greatest thing that has ever happened to you and me. If that's true, then experiencing His love and loving Him back is more important to our happiness and well-being than anything else we can do. So what does that mean in practical terms? We'll talk about that this first Sunday of Advent as we look at Jesus' words in John 6:35.

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