Thursday, September 24, 2009

You've Got To See This!

Two years ago, Lifeway Resources studied unchurched people in the United States. One of the most surprising things they learned was that non-Christians are willing to give church a try--but only if they can go with a friend. 82% said they would attend church if a friend invited them and agreed to go with them. Can you believe that? With the soaring cost of advertising and direct mail campaigns, isn't it good to know the best method of promoting our church's message is still free of charge? Just invite your friends!

That's the good news. Now for the bad.

Lifeway also surveyed Christians, asking them, "Have you invited an unchurched person to visit your church in the past year?" Only 21% said yes. How can this be? This Sunday, we'll look at the story of a woman who won an entire village to Christ simply by saying, "Come and see!" And she wasn't as socially accomplished as most of us; in fact, she was the town outcast. Yet people were so hungry for spiritual truth...and she was so excited about what she had found in meeting Jesus, that her invitation was accepted. What must we do in order to effectively invite our friends to meet Christ at church? We'll take a look at that this Sunday in a message from John 4.

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