Thursday, May 14, 2009

How Should We Live in Light of Eternity?

Larry Ramsour is an evangelist who has done substantial mission work in Nepal, a country where the Gospel is spreading rapidly but the vast majority of the population practices Hinduism. One day as he rode in a taxi in Nepal, the driver honked his horn and bumped a cow in the road, trying to force her to move. Ramsour said, "As a Hindu, aren't you supposed to treat cows as sacred creatures?" The driver mumbled something about the difference between beliefs and life in the real world, and continued honking.

As Christians, are we any different? This Sunday, we'll conclude a series of sermons on Heaven. I hope you've learned half as much as I have, and that you are inspired to continue studying this subject in the Scriptures and through books like Randy Alcorn's Heaven and N. T. Wright's Surprised By Hope. But if we really believe what the Bible teaches about Heaven, it will have a powerful impact on the way we live. We'll see how in this final message, as we look at the life of Paul, a man who made a profound impact on Earth because He knew what was awaiting him in Heaven.

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