Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Well, here we go. Many of us remember Hurricane Alicia 25 years ago, and at this point, Ike looks very similar. Of course, we don't know what will happen over the next 24-48 hours. We should all pray diligently that the storm will weaken, that the current evacuations of coastal areas will go smoothly, and that God would protect us, our loved ones and our homes.

Here's what I do know: Our church offices will be closed on Friday. Sunday morning, we will NOT have Bible study (Sunday School), but if there is power and we are able to get to church, I plan on having worship at 10:30. Other than that, I'd like to share the following safety tips from Gale Yandell:

Okay, being the safety person that I am...a few last minute details to think about:

1) Put important papers in a zip lock and/or waterproof/fireproof box. Make a copy of your medical papers, driver's license, birth certificate, credit cards, a few blank checks and such.

2) Close all blinds and drapes. That will help slow flying glass should your windows blow out.

3) Unplug your electrical appliances.

4) Dip matches in candle wax, that makes them waterproof.

5) Keep some cash available. If the power goes out, the ATM machines won't work.

6) Outside stuff, think flying missiles. Secure everything!

7) If you have a medical condition, PUT YOUR MEDICAL ALERT TAG ON!!! If you have a condition that requires a medical alert tag and you don't have one; 1) don't let me find out about it, 2) write it down as well as medications you take for it and put it in your pocket in a zip lock bag.

8) Take the mattress off of your bed and cover yourself with it in the bathtub should things get really nasty.

9) Pray

This list is in addition to batteries, water, food, a full gas tank and such.

I have already been out scouting this morning and the lines at the gas stations are long! The parking lot of several grocery stores are packed. If you need to go to these places, do it NOW. The lines will only get worse.

I know of some folks who need help boarding up their houses, if you are available to help, please call me on my cell at 713.501.4899.

If I think of other things, I will forward them to you.

Take care & be safe.


You are in my prayers and, God willing, I will see you again on Sunday. I am sure we'll all have some interesting stories to tell!

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