Monday, April 7, 2008

The Return

Well, Sunday morning, April 13, we should be worshipping in our renovated worship center for the first time. Some of you have been following the progress on our website, others have taken sneak peaks in person. Some of you have been intimately involved in the renovation process, while others have intentionally stayed out of the loop so that the whole thing will be a wonderful surprise.

There are so many people who need to be thanked for their involvement and hard work in this process. We will attempt to do so briefly this Sunday, but please make sure you express your thanks to these people in the days to come. As for me personally, I think the renovation has been an astounding success. The building looks absolutely magnificent. The new piano and organ are going to sound fantastic. And I am especially excited about the sound system.

I hope that you are planning to be here for worship Sunday morning. It will be a day to remember at Westbury. And I hope that you will take the time to call, visit or email friends, neighbors, acquaintances who are looking for a church home, and long-time church members who have dropped out over the years. Contact them this week and invite them to the big event.

I believe this experience has been a very positive one for our church. Many people collaborated unselfishly on the renovation work. Many more gave generously, which has made our debt very manageable. Every adult and youth Sunday School department helped us set up chairs in the gym, and people in general had a terrific attitude about the temporary inconveniences brought on by this renovation. Moreover, we have continued to see new people join our church during this process. I look forward to great days ahead. And I believe this Sunday is going to be a very, very great day!

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Ona said...

Jeff, I am looking forward to Sunday with great anticipation and expectation and will come praying that God will bless us with His presence and we will honor Him with our worship and praise.