Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Less than a week before Christmas...that sentence fills some of us (especially those under the age of 12) with sleep-depriving anticipation and joy, others of us with terror (we have so many presents to buy!) and still others with despair. This is the time of year that's hardest for those suffering from depression, those who are lonely, or who for whatever reason just feel forgotten and passed-over by the world. Isaiah 49:14-16 is a wonderful promise for such people, and that will be my text this Sunday (Dec. 23) in a message called "Unforgettable." I'll also speak briefly at our two Christmas Eve services, along with the wonderful Christmas music we'll share at every service. So remember to invite someone (if you need motivation, read the post below entitled "An Eye-Popping Statistic"). And remember to pray for people who are having a tough time this year...look for opportunities to be their source of joy.

Merry Christmas.

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Martha said...

Hi Jeff,
Happy New Year! Glad you got some well-deserved (and I am sure much needed) rest and family time after Christmas. I love your topic for 2008 and it should provide each of us with opportunities for thought provoking soul-searching, as well as an opportunity to reevaluate and restructure how we believe and act. On my Amazon wish list I have this book that I am intrigued by...have you read it yet? (I haven't or I could give a better assessment of its worth...)! It might be an interesting adjunct to your 2008 topic, I don't know:
"The Myth of a Christian Nation: How the Quest for Political Power is Destroying the Church", by Gregory Boyd. Just a thought. And by the you thank us, let me thank you for following that call of God and for being our pastor!